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About Us

Started in 1986 by clinical pharmacists, Ken & Gregg Kingston, 1st Option Home Infusion & 1st Option Home Health have provided treatments to patients with acute and chronic health conditions in the comfort of their homes for over thirty-four years. Our team of clinical pharmacists and registered nurses are available 24 hours a day to support each patient while under our care. Today, patients can choose to receive services in their home or in one of our state of the art infusion suites located in our office in Lafayette, LA.


Our mission is to provide each patient with the highest quality medications, clinical pharmacy, nursing services, equipment, and old fashioned "TLC” that patients need to complete their prescribed treatment and make a full recovery. Every staff member, from clinicians to reimbursement specialists, are dedicated to working with every patient to make every patient feel comfortable while receiving their care.


As a leader in healthcare, 1st Option's "one-stop-shop" approach allows us to provide nursing care, infusion services, enteral services, and medication management all under one roof. For the patient, this means a better team approach to home care all under the direction of the ordering physician. For physicians, this holistic team approach means that the healthcare providers at 1st Option are better positioned than most to be able to quickly respond to the changing goals of the patient in a more efficient manner.

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